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Jerry Surrency 

Misericordia University, Life in Christ Class of 2020

“My time at life in Christ was only one summer but the memories feel like a lifetime. I met new teammates, coaches, and peers in general that turned into a family to me. The tournaments were fun especially when we left with the GOLD!! But Life In Christ shifted me into a great player and a even better individual off the court.”

DJ Campbell

Stockton University, Life in Christ Class of 2019

“My time at life in Christ was a fun experience. It was a brotherhood from the start and they welcomed me in open arms from my very first tournament until my last. Teammates that became brothers still til this day is something I’ll never forget.”

Jared Shivers

Boyce University, Life in Christ Class of 2018

“My time at life in Christ was monumental for building my foundation as a hooper and as a Man off the court….”


Caleb Carpenter

Lancaster Bible College, Life in Christ Class of 2018

“I loved playing at life in Christ because Coach Holloway took a real and genuine interest in my life and my development as a player.  I also loved that we were able to use basketball as a platform to impact unbelievers through our testimony on the court. “

Charles “Big Show” Sapp

Stockton University, Life in Christ class of 2018

Playing for life in Christ was a lot of fun. There’s a tradition of winning tournaments and Coach Ed treats his players like family…”

Angel Smith

Rowan College of SJ, Life in Christ Class of 2022

“Throughout my time in Life In Christ, they were very welcoming and willing to teach you everything you needed to know and more. They are hard working and dedicated with everything they do!”

Wyatt Dean

Rowan College of South Jersey, Life in Christ Class of 2022

“Playing for Life in Christ has turned me into the basketball player I could have ever dreamed to be. My skill wouldn’t be anywheres near where it is now without their help”

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